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Discover flexibility like never before with the 3D filament by NinjaTek. We have selected advanced filament with unique material attributes for the best 3D parts.

About NinjaTek filament

NinjaTek is an innovative filament brand that has created a range of flexible filament materials with specialized functions and attributes. NinjaTek is a brand of Fenner Drives, a company that has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing. Due to NinjaTek filament’s success, they have become a leading manufacturer of flexible filament. They are experts in this field and create TPE-based flexible 3D filament with different grades of elasticity, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and more. The 3D filament in this selection can be used for industrial purposes as well as for unique everyday functions. Use a 3D printer with a direct drive extrusion system to successfully print your 3D filament by NinjaTek.

Cheetah 3D filament

The Cheetah flexible 3D filament is a semi-flexible TPE filament that is extremely strong yet prints soft bendable parts. The 3D filament has a shore hardness of 95A, is relatively easy to print, and can handle high impact. This incredibly durable filament by NinjaTek will print best at temperatures between 230°C- 250°C with a heated bed temperature set between 20°C-50°C.

NinjaFlex 3D filament

Ninjaflex by NinjaTek is a high-quality TPE filament with a shore hardness of 85A. The material, therefore, has high elasticity and wear resistance and can be used to print out phone cases and gaskets. The printing temperature range for NinjaFlex is 230°C-250°C with a heated bed temperature between 20°C-50°C.

Printing tips for NinjaTek filament

Printing with flexible filament material can sometimes be tricky. The flexible filament can be materials that are comparable to rubberbands to rubber tires. They all have different applications and will strengthen the capabilities of a 3D part. As all 3D printers differ, we advise following the filament manufacturer’s printing instructions coupled with some testing in the temperature range as well as with the slicer settings. With software like Simplify3D, you will be able to adjust many factors in advanced settings. Be sure to keep moisture out of your NinjaTek filament as flexible filament will tend to absorb moisture very fast. Use a drying box to keep your filament dry and in the best condition. The adhesion of the first layer is then most crucial. A glass build plate with 3DLAC will do the trick and guarantee great adhesion for flexible 3D filament materials.

Look out for more NinjaTek filament coming to this collection soon!

Would you like more information about NinjaTek filament? Contact our customer service, we are more than happy to be of assistance.

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