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Discover RepRapWorld’s collection of high-quality resin 3D printers. The 3D printers in this selection print with resin, achieving extremely detailed and smooth results.

  • Gewicht: 4 kg
  • Dimensies: 255 x 255 x 352 mm (LxBxH)
  • Cure volume: 180 ø x 200 mm
  • UV wavelengte: 375-405 nm
  • Maximum stroom: 60 W
€ 379,95
Op voorraad 
Super snelle SLA 3D-printer met 13x7,8x16 cm bouwvolume
  • 3.5 inch Touch Screen
  • Matrix parallel lichtbron
  • Super snel printen
€ 345
Op voorraad 
Creality 3D
3D resin printer van Creality voor het maken van de meest gedetailleerde prints!
  • Goede 3D-printer voor beginners
  • 5" LCD touchscreen
  • OTA-technologie
  • Dual cooling systeem
€ 225
Op voorraad 
World-class LCD 3D printer with 2K LCD screen
  • Bouwvolume: 115x65x165mm
  • LCD+SD kaart: Ja
  • Materialen: UV-resin
Anycubic 3D
World-class LCD 3D printer with 2K
  • Bouwvolume: 115x65x155mm
  • LCD+SD kaart: Ja
  • Materialen: UV-resin
  • Golfafstand: 405nm

About resin 3D printing

Our resin 3D printers in this assortment print models with extreme accuracy in a short amount of time. There are two techniques for resin 3D printers: SLA and DLP. SLA stands for stereolithography and is a 3D printing technology invented in the 1980s by the Japanese researcher Hideo Kodama. SLA technology is the oldest 3D printing technology and works by converting photosensitive liquid into 3D objects. SLA 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing where liquid resin is hardened or cured by a laser. The laser will outline the first layer of the model in the resin which will solidify as soon as it has been hit by the laser. As soon as a layer has been placed, it is lifted by the platform while the following layer is created and so on. The majority of SLA 3D printers produce models upside down. Another 3D printing method for resin printers similar to SLA technology is DLP, digital light processing that makes the use of pixels. In DLP a projector is used instead that displays an image of a layer and cures all points at once.

Uses of resin 3D printing

There are many benefits that come with resin 3D printing. Resin printers with SLA or DLP technology are known to produce 3D prints with extreme precision ensuring highly detailed models and parts. The 3D printers also create models at high speeds and are a great choice for fast prototyping and testing. Since the 1990s SLA and DLP technology have been used in the medical industry to plan and practice medical procedures, due to their high accuracy. Resin 3D printing is also used for jewelry prototypes and the creation of miniature models in great detail.

Resin 3D printer software

Like with FDM 3D printers, slicer software also exists for resin models. All resin 3D printers come with software that you can use to appropriately slice your 3D models. Other slicer software that we recommend for resin 3D printers is Lychee, Prusa, and Chitubox. All three software we have shared are free of charge and are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Maintain your resin 3D printer

Like any 3D printer, resin printers also require proper cleaning and maintenance for proper performance. Uncured resin should not be touched with bare hands so make sure you are being safe and use safety gloves. Keep the resin tank clean by pouring the resin back into its bottle through a resin filter and wipe the resin tank with a paper towel. Use a microfiber towel to clean your mirrors in case there is any dust. The 3D printer’s build plate should also be wiped with a microfiber towel between prints.

Post-processing resin prints

Post-processing your resin model or part will ensure the best performance and mechanical qualities. Keep in mind that the uncured resins are toxic so take the right safety measures and wear gloves. The first step is to remove the supports which can be done with a pair of pliers. Use our resin cleaner to clean printed parts and also use it to clean your 3D printer’s parts. Once dried, the printed part can also be placed in a curing chamber that uses UV light to enhance mechanical properties and overall strength.

There are a variety of finishing possibilities for your printed 3D models. A smoother look can be achieved by filing and sanding down the 3D parts followed up by several layers of acrylic paint. Once your last layer of paint has dried, a varnish spray will give that completed shine and protection.

Would you like to receive more information about our resin 3D printers? For any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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