PolyLite, PolyTerra and PolySmooth by Polymaker


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PolyLite, PolyTerra and PolySmooth by Polymaker

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 17/03/2022 16:06:59
PolyLite, PolyTerra and PolySmooth by Polymaker

Polymaker PolyLite PLA/ABS

PolyLite is a line of the most popular 3D printing filaments by Polymaker. We now have PLA and ABS available in our shop for purchase.

This filament material is derived from organic raw materials to create a more environmentally-friendly filament. Thanks to the material's unique qualities, you can print more easily and faster than regular PLA filament. The eco-friendly aspect makes this filament material a great choice for those who would like to keep the environment as green as possible. Additionally, both the packaging and spool are made from recycled materials.

Create designs and prototypes with this versatile filament known to produce fewer odors than standard ABS filament! Objects created with this filament will have great mechanical properties with the ability to handle extreme heat and high impact. This makes this material very strong and a good candidate for manufacturing tools or accessories like jigs and fixtures.

Click on the link below to go to the filament of your choice.

PolyLite ABS     PolyLite PLA

PolyTerra PLA

Buy a spool and have a tree planted by Polymaker!  With this filament you will help keep the environment as green as possible. PolyTerra PLA comes with a hope advantages. Printing is smoother and the printed objects come out stronger than regular PLA 3D models. This is owed to the great mechanical properties of the PolyTerra PLA filament. Strength and rigidity are key elements of the material, ensuring that your printed parts are durable. It comes in 14 colors like Artic Teal, banana and peach and is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm. Jut click on the link below to find out more.

PolyTerra PLA

PolySmooth PVB

Print with the PolySmooth PVB filament for a low warping and low odor experience. With this premium filament, you can achieve an extraordinary surface finish without the use of a heated bed. Create extremely strong and durable parts in a range of impressive colors! PolySmooth PVB comes in 750 gram spools and is available in 7 colors in 1.75mm and 2.85mm. Click on the link below to check it out.

PolySmooth PVB

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