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Welcome to RepRapWorld’s wide assortment of print surfaces and adhesives for your 3D printer’s build plate. Upgrade your print surface with the latest innovations and conquer first layer adhesion like never before. Discover a series of magnetic sheets for fast and clean 3D model removal and versatile solutions to produce premium quality prints regarding every filament material.

Adhesive 3D print surfaces

Anyone who has had some experience with 3D printing knows that the first layer is key to producing a successfully printed object. A print surface’s adhesion is essential to accomplishing a consistent and reliable foundation to guarantee the overall quality of a 3D model. From glass sheets, stickers to sprays and tapes, we provide reliable print surfaces for every DIY or professional project.

Removing a 3D print can sometimes prove to be more difficult than it should be. Makers have been using all kinds of devices, including spatulas, hoping to detach their model without damaging it. This is where we come in; our collection of magnetic sheets allows you to simply bend the sheet to pop off the model in just a matter of seconds. Additionally, we offer a range of stickers like PEI sheets which are incredibly easy to apply. Easily install your glass build plate or magnetic sheets with clamps to properly secure it in place. Visit our adhesive print surface collection to find a solution for printing every filament material on the market!

3D build plate heating and control

Explore a series of devices to accurately heat up your build plate in record time in our heating and control collection. Here, you can find components like relays that manage the correct distribution of power. This will ensure that your 3D printer is optimized and working as efficiently as possible. 

We also offer several heating components to fit every setup. Accurate and even heating ensures that the correct temperature is used to create your artwork and prototypes. The precision range within heating is necessary to avoid any warping, curling, and poor first layer adhesion. Discover heater mats in a range of materials like Kapton, PCB and silicon that fit FDM 3D printers. Upgrade to a heated bed to print a larger range of materials and ensure that your filament does not cool down at a too fast rate in order to accomplish top-quality looking models.

Print surfaces for every 3D printer brand

We offer 3D brands with multiple build plate variations and solutions. Uncover premium sheets and stickers for your bed plate by major 3D brands. This section consists of carefully designed adhesive surfaces and accessories that offer compatibility options for every 3D printer. This includes the impressive BuildTak sheets with a fully magnetic FlexPlate system for effortless model removal. The sheets are also customizable allowing users to cut them to fit their print bed.

In case you are searching for magnetic sheets and carbon print surfaces for specific Creality 3D printers, have a browse in this wonderfully tailored collection. Discover the magic of Magigoo with a glue stick line that is specialized in providing adhesion to all standard and advanced professional filament materials. 

3D build plate parts and accessories

We have accessories and parts for the best adhesion to your print bed. Visit our enclosure collection to find premium enclosures in a range of dimensions to fit any 3D printer. The enclosures trap printing odors while ensuring an even temperature environment. Avoid heat loss and eliminate warping to guarantee high-quality 3D models.

Discover our bed leveling section dedicated to providing you with the best leveling solutions. Waste no time with faulty leveling and create dimensionally stable objects of great quality. Here you can come across multiple premium sensors that perform exquisite auto-bed leveling like the BLTouch!  Explore the many accessories available to upgrade your 3D printer to perform auto-bed leveling, including some wiring and reserve pins. Our accessories include nifty tools for smooth assembly, heated bed clamps, and thumbscrews.

About 3D printer build plates

A build plate is one of the most important parts of a 3D printer. Both resin and FDM 3D printers have a build plate. This is where the 3D model attaches to during the print and can be seen as the base. A 3D printer’s bed should be as flat and as level as possible to provide good first layer adhesion. Resin 3D printers will mostly use a full metal bed whereas the most commonly used print surface for FDM 3D printers is glass surfaces due to their excellent stiffness and flatness. We offer a variety of glass bed materials like carborundum, carbon silicon crystal, and borosilicate. Discover a range of print surfaces and adhesives including magnetic sheets, tapes, and sprays for the best 3D printing experience.

Benefits of print surfaces and adhesives

Adhesion is crucial in order to create a successful 3D model. How well the printed filament sticks to the bed’s surface will determine the overall quality of a 3D model. This can be done by using a build plate that is textured or rough. The bed itself can be embellished with different adhesive layers like glues, or tapes and sheets. Matching the proper adhesive to the filament material will ensure that your model is properly fixed to the surface. This will solve the common first layer adhesion issue. To find the best adhesive for every filament material, explore our guide to selecting print bed adhesives.

Adhesives ensure that heat is transferred per layer so that layers bond well. This is especially necessary for filament materials that are more inclined to warp like ABS filament. Nevertheless, we should also avoid over adhesion; when a 3D model sticks too well to the build plate. In this case, it is not only frustrating but could potentially damage your printed object. This can luckily be solved by a variety of print surfaces that allow easy model removal like the magnetic sheets. If you would like support on defeating warping and achieving phenomenal first layer adhesion, have a look at our .

Do you have questions about the build plate for your 3D printer? Feel free to reach out through our customer service team, we are happy to help!

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