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Inexpensive Kits & Components

We believe that the best way to get great prints is to know your printer, and the best way to know your printer is to build it yourself! We have a wide variety of excellent value kits, ranging from the cheapest entry-level Prusa i3 Pro kit to feature-rich models that offer amazing quality and value compared to pre-assembled big brand printers.

We've also put our experience to use in designing our own in-house delta-based Printer: The Beagle. This handsome puppy delivers unprecedented quality as the lowest priced Europe-designed printers in the industry. The Beagle comes in three different sizes and gives a clean, distinctive splash in a home, office, or educational environment.

RepRap and Open Source

RepRap is the collaborative open source movement behind Do-It-Yourself 3D printing, and is the industry's natural intersection of innovation, inspiration and productivity. As our name suggests, ReprapWorld is fully subscribed to this model, and all our in-house developed hardware designs (Minitronics, Megatronics and Ultratronics) are based on proven open-source designs and are available for download on their respective product pages. We have been working with the on-line 3D printer community for years delivering new products, increasing availability of products and supporting 3D printer enthusiasts with their printers. Our continued mission is to get 3D printing available for everyone, meaning we invest resources to research new products, improve usability and reduce costs.

Locally, we also host a monthly meet-up between like-minded 3D printer enthusiasts at our famous beer and pizza party. People are invited to come over with or without their printer to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, and enjoy themselves in a creativity-rich environment.

High Value Filament

Reprapworld is proud to be an official partner and distributor of Real Filaments and eSun, the two value-leading filament suppliers from Holland and China respectively. Both brands have consistent quality and an extensive diversity of filament types, including the increasingly popular styles of PET-G. Additionally, Real Filaments guarantees their quality and is able to produce filament in any diameter, weight or color given a sufficient order quantity. Click here to browse through their industry-unique colors and material types.

3D Printing Services

Since we practice what we preach, ReprapWorld has an in-house 3D printing farm consisting entirely from our own open source kits and components. Not only does this help make sure we are up to date on the latest industry trends and technologies, in means we are constantly researching, innovating and investing in our product lines to ensure that our customers stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Nevertheless, there are occasionally specialized circumstances where the print scale, volume or complexity is impractical for our customers to handle without assistance, or they seek the convenience of a professional service. ReprapWorld has years of experience in small and large scale mass production. Feel free to [drop our sales associates a note] for more information!

Industry-wide Brands

We are official distributor of the popular E3D components and 3DLAC, so you are assured to get genuine products for the best price. You can order directly everything your need from our site, shipped worldwide from stock from The Netherlands.

If you can’t find a product in our assortment, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales department to request a quote. We regularly add new products to our assortment and deliver custom tailored solutions for customers.

Newsletter #20: Diede's Beagle Instruction video, Printing tips, OpenSCAD modeling, Titan Aero announcement
Written by Bart Meijer on 2017-05-09 12:53:59

da69e372048852cc12140b25424eeed4.jpg (10 KB)Beagle's are still being build all over Europe. One of our regulars to the Beer & Pizza party (next one is May 11th) ;  Diede made an amazing build log of the Beagle. We really appreciate him creating the build log. It really visualizes the whole process of building your own Beagle Delta printer.

Read more

Closed for Kingsday 2017
Written by Bart Meijer on 2017-04-24 17:07:19

Thursday April 27th we are closed due to our national holiday. Note that this may delay deliveries shipped on the 26th of April as well. Please contact our sales team for more information. Thank you for your understanding.

Newsletter #19: Blender tutorial, Kosstock printer, filament run-out sensor and more
Written by Bart Meijer on 2017-04-04 17:10:15

Newslette #19In this newsletter:

  • Our new Sales colleague introduces himself
  • Ben Kemp talks about his Kosstock printer
  • The filament run-out sensor by Henk Diepeveen
  • Blender workshop: Splitting models for 3D printing by Bart Meijer

New colleague

Just started in April 2017 is Jaap van Wietmarschen. Jaap will be joining the sales team at RepRapWorld.

As some of you might have seen on the Facebook page, RepRapWorld was looking for a new account manager and they found that person in me. My name is Jaap (a typical Dutch name) and I have been involved in 3D printing for a few years. My background is in computer IT products, as a sales executive and in product development. Using that technical view I got invited to join XYZprinting and join the 3D printing community. Without any experience in 3D printing and a small 2 day introduction on how to disassemble and assemble the 3D printers XYZ sold, I just started like so many people; Sitting a few hours in front of a 3D printer watching the machine move and objects appear out of thin air.

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